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16 Feb 2017
Unplugged wedding

Unplugged wedding

Ok now this is every photographers dream wedding and basically it means that during the ceremony, no one except the photographer and videographer are allowed to take any photos and or post anything on social media. This for us means we don’t get the back of everyones iphone or ipad when they decide to jump out in front of us while the bride is walking in. It also means your guest see your wedding in real life, not through a […]

08 Feb 2017
First look

The first look!

There is a lot of discussion these days around what is the “first look”. For many photographers its a staged moment where the bride and groom see each other for the first time, all dressed and ready for the ceremony. For me thats staged and unnatural, I prefer to capture the “first look” the first time you see each other at the ceremony. The moment the bride walks into the church or around the corner into the line of sight […]

19 Dec 2016
Sonia and marks wedding testimonial

Sonia and Mark – Melbourne. VIC

John was amazing. Loved your attitude and how you relaxed you made the entire bridal party, especially Mark and I feel. Photo album quality was amazing and your service from the start of when I made the booking right until the end when it came down to proofing the pictures for printing. You prompt responses to my changes and your easy going attitude was fantastic and a great experience. Thank you!! Sonia and Mark Lorenz

19 Dec 2016
Alysha and Daniels testimonial

Alysha and Daniel – Coachhouse Mariner resort, Batemans bay. NSW

WOW! I couldn’t give a more positive feedback if I tried. John was absolutely amazing and captured the most perfect moments from my wedding! The quality and standard of his work is fantastic. Myself, Husband and all guests would highly recommend John.

19 Dec 2016
Testimonial Kavita and Dominik

Kavita and Dominik – Polish Club, New town. Tas

John was absolutely wonderful! He’s quick to respond to your queries, punctual, puts you at ease, positively informal, very clear with his directions, and simply feels more like a friend than a stranger yet still maintaining professionalism. Very happy with his work and pricing. In fact, he sent our wedding highlights the very next day and the rest of our photos within days of the wedding, talk about efficiency!

19 Dec 2016
sydney wedding photographer christmas

Merry Christmas from Sydney

Memories by Adams would like to wish you all an amazing and safe Christmas. Its been an amazing year with my own wedding in there was well! Looking forward to being a part of so many new couples days in 2017.

02 Dec 2016
Memories By Adams The cost of a wedding photographer

The cost of a wedding photographer

Why is wedding photography so expensive? Lately I’ve been getting a lot of couples asking me why wedding photography prices are so expensive. While it may seem like wedding photographers live an amazing life by charging through the roof for a day of work, it’s hardly the case. It goes without saying that weddings are a costly affair. From the venue to the caterer to the wedding favors, the tab just keeps getting higher, and it often seems that wedding […]

02 Dec 2016
Memories By Adams Do I need a second photographer?

Do I need a second photographer?

I am asked frequently “should we hire a 2nd photographer”. My answer is always, “depends on what you want one for”. If its simply to photograph the boys getting ready consider this: The boys take a lot less time than the girls to get ready, usually only an hour at max and that includes the occasional run to the playstation for a game or two. If they are less than 15 minutes away from where the bride is getting ready, […]

02 Dec 2016
Memories By Adams What do I need to consider when hiring a photographer

What do I need to consider when hiring a photographer

There are many important things to consider on your day and picking the right photographer is up there with the most important things. You have literally spent months planning, sourcing, buying and in many cases constructing all the parts that make up your day. You want to ensure all that is captured during the day by your photographer, don’t take it for granted they know the effort you have put in. Here are a few pointers I have picked up […]

02 Dec 2016
Memories By Adams Payment plan options

Payment plan options

Getting married is never cheap. No matter how much you try it will always be more than you initially planned to pay. We get that, planning our own wedding at the moment has really highlighted this! So, at Memories by Adams we offer easy payment plans to  fit into your budget and wedding timelines. Simply pay the $400 deposit to secure your day and the rest you can pay where ever you like, however frequently as you like, how ever much […]