No one asks for it to rain on their wedding day although it is meant to be good luck for a long and happy marriage.

With just a little forward planning rain doesn’t need to spoil your day or cause upset to the photography plans.

  • Umbrellas are amazing tools for wedding photos either in the rain or the sun. You can achieve creative and individual images using them on the day.
  • Have a backup location for your ceremony is always a good idea. Most reception venues offer this to help out in an emergency. Have it planned for well in advance so you can simply make the call if you need to.
  • Mens suit colours are one I see a lot. One raindrop on a grey suit is always visible, on a dark blue or black suit not so. Not that you should change your wedding colour on the day but if your planning a winter wedding, give it a thought.
  • Some, not a lot, shopping arcades allow small groups in to have photos taken. Again advance planning is always a plus, you wont get in on the day unless you have asked prior.
  • Park with gazebos and heavy tree cover can work nicely as well, again when working with umbrellas the whole shoot can be simply stunning.

So the key is have a plan, buy some, white, black, clear or mixed colour umbrellas, at least one between every two people in your bridal party. Dont forget a big one for you and your other half.


Image courtesy of Shutter stock