Picking the perfect location for your wedding ceremony

Memories By Adams Picking the perfect location for your wedding ceremony

Picking the place to have your wedding is an exciting time.

Some couples want the big vista, an open field, the beach, an intimate garden or an amazing wedding at home.

Whatever you choose it will be amazing and with a little careful planning even more-so.

As a photographer, I see many different locations and see some of the pitfalls that couples can encounter with their locations.

Below I will give a little advice on what might help you when planning.

Most of these tips relate to outdoor weddings but can in some cases be applied also indoors.

  • Time of day: Try and pick a time of day where you have plenty of time for photos before the sunsets. Using a flash will only light a small area and you wont see much of the background. Naturally we can take photos in low light but this can introduce “grain” into your photos you many not wish.
  • Shade: Avoid areas that are in partial shade, having shade across your face or half across your bridal party will be less appealing than full sun or full shade. Under a tree is a good example, try and find one that is dense so you are all fully shaded
  • Distractions: If you are heading to the beach or a busy park, try and find an area with less people or have someone help with crowd control. There is nothing worse than a guy in his speedo’s standing behind the bride and groom watching the ceremony.
  • Where is the sun: Look for  where the sun will be during your ceremony. Avoid either or both of you having to stare into the sun to see each other. Squinting is bad!

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