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Payment plan options

Memories By Adams Payment plan options

Getting married is never cheap. No matter how much you try it will always be more than you initially planned to pay.

We get that, planning our own wedding at the moment has really highlighted this!

So, at Memories by Adams we offer easy payment plans to  fit into your budget and wedding timelines.

Simply pay the $400 deposit to secure your day and the rest you can pay where ever you like, however frequently as you like, how ever much as you like. No terms, conditions, interest or minimum payment.

We usually require only that your wedding photography is paid for before your wedding date.

Our online payment system accepts payments of any sum and if your paying by card your invoice will be automatically update. If by bank transfer, just let us know by email or text the date and sum and we will update it for you and send a receipt immediately.

Wedding photography budgeting made easy.

Ever wondered why Professional photographer are se expensive, have a look at my other blog post that gives you a little more detail on whats involved and why paying for a professional is a wise choice, Uncle Bill just isn’t a safe option.

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