What do I need to consider when hiring a photographer

Memories By Adams What do I need to consider when hiring a photographer

There are many important things to consider on your day and picking the right photographer is up there with the most important things.

You have literally spent months planning, sourcing, buying and in many cases constructing all the parts that make up your day. You want to ensure all that is captured during the day by your photographer, don’t take it for granted they know the effort you have put in.

Here are a few pointers I have picked up from couples over the years that I hope will help you. They are in no particular order, thats up to you to decide there importance.

  • Character, you need to feel relaxed on your day and a chilled, non pushy photographer will get the best out of you.
  • Time, make sure you get a photographer who will cover your whole day. Don’t plan your wedding around the photographer, have them there all day so you can do what you want when you want without dipping into your purse further.
  • Preparation, have your photographer there while you are getting ready. If you have them turning up just before the ceremony, it adds more stress to you. (not many of us like having our photos taken)
  • Dress, make sure your photographer doesn’t turn up in jeans and a T shirt. (many do)
  • 2nd photographer, read my blog on do you need one.
  • Look at their work, it needs to suit your style and yes, we all shoot different styles.
  • Don’t go for a student, let them “learn” with a professional, not on your day.
  • Make sure they have backup equipment on the day, two cameras at least.
  • Don’t rule out a photographer just because they are not local, a fresh mind makes for fresh images.
  • Cost, clearly few of us have unlimited funds, but don’t make your decision based solely on price. Consider their style, personality, inclusions and quality of work.
  • Albums, make sure you get the album you expect. Many photographer pass off photobooks as wedding albums. Be wary and make sure you know what you’re getting.
  • Make sure you tell the photographer all the important things of your day, things like secret gifts or special items and people.
  • Ensure you have a contract and read the fine print, it is there to protect both parties.
  • Ensure travel is included in your quote and GST.
  • Read feedback left by other couples.
  • Lastly, someone you believe will tell your wedding story the way you want, having confidence in your photographer is paramount.

Image by: improvephotography.com

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