What happens on your wedding day?

Memories By Adams What happens on your wedding day?

Your wedding day is here, all your timings etc have all been planned to the minute. Now sit back and let your day just happen.

We have discussed all the timing etc so you can just enjoy your day.

As a wedding photographer, part of my job is to help you stay on time. That’s one of the reasons I stay with you all day so we capture your prep, ceremony, bridal and reception photos all around your timeline.

I always say to my couples, “its your day so plan it how you want, I will help you meet those goals”.

Here is a general timeline of how the day and after will unfold.

  • Hair and makeup, usually the bride is finished last, I’m there to take photos all through that.
  • I take photos of you and your bridemaids all ready to go then leave 10 minutes before you do. It gives me time to get to your ceremony location and take some shots of the boys looking all nervous.
  • I also speak to your officiant so we both know whats expected through the ceremony so I get the best shots possible without being in the way.
  • Before hand I give the bride and groom tips on putting the rings on, how to carry your bouquets etc.
  • Once your ceremony is over, we will usually have a large group shot of everyone who attended.
  • Then straight into the family shots. I suggest having a list of family combinations ready to speed this up.
  • Once the family shots are done we then do the bridal shoot,
  • The bridal shoot is usually in two parts, firstly the bridal party, then just the couple. I like to do it that way so the bride and groom get some real quality time together and amazing photos just after getting married.
  • Then its off to the reception. Plan your reception around you, not me, cut your cake, have your speeches etc all when you like. I’m there all night so don’t worry about me being on an hourly rate, I’m not, I’m there all night.
  • Once your day is over I start editing your pictures. it usually takes two days work before I can post some highlights for you.
  • Your DVD and USB, if you have no albums in your package is on its way in a week.
  • You can then pick your prints when you receive the DVD.
  • If you have an album package, you will receive a link to ALL your pictures so you can choose the images to go into it.
  • I will then do additional editing on them and provide you with a link to your first proof.
  • We go back and forwards a few times to make sure your album is just what you want then its sent to print.
  • You can also then pick your prints.
  • Once your album is printed, I check it’s quality then post it and the DVD/USB to you.
  • Your prints arrive separately.
  • Thats it, you then have timeless images of your day.


Image from: desiweddingcompany.wordpress.com

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