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Client courtesy…

Memories By Adams Client courtesy…

As a wedding photographer I always make sure my couples are kept updated with any changes, ideas and thoughts and client courtesy is integral to that. That’s very much a part of what I do before, during and after your day. Its a common courtesy not always returned though.

I have been doing this job for many many years now and still find it exceedingly frustrating when a couple either prospective or one who have hired me simply are beamed to some other universe.

I dont mind being told you have hired someone else or thanks but no thanks. That helps me to grow as a photographer understanding peoples wants and needs.

So people,  it only takes a moment to respond to a text or email, if your hiring some one else, kewl, let me know. If your having problems getting your deposit together, simply let me know, we can work something out, its simple client courtesy.

Love to hear your comments on this, am I being precious about client courtesy? or do you agree?

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