Choosing the time of day for your wedding photos

Memories By Adams Choosing the time of day for your wedding photos

Picking the right time of the day for your wedding can be dictated by so many things, especially venue and availability of your celebrant or minister.

As a wedding photographer, one of the things I encounter from time to time is couples leaving it late in the afternoon to get married.

This can provide some amazing light with sun sets and whats called “the golden hour” in photography. I time where shadows are limited and there is a beautiful glow to the day.

One thing to always remember though is once this hour is done the light drops rapidly making it almost impossible to get photos in areas with large vista’s. Naturally we can move indoors but its always a shame when there is so much to see outside.

So keep that little extra time up your sleeve, maybe postpone the family and group photos till after the bridal shoot if times a pinch.

Image by: pretography.com

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